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Grant Writing and Fund Development

Our grant writing services include developing a comprehensive development plan, identifying strategic funding sources, and providing consulting and grant proposal development. For the highest returns and consistent results, our services are typically contracted for on-retainer, with multiple-year agreements. Grant writing and fund development services may include: 

  • Development of proposals for funding new programs and projects

  • Nonprofit fund development planning and implementation

  • Nonprofit grant proposal development

  • Federal grant applications

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Nonprofit Capacity Building

Our nonprofit capacity building services include consulting to support evidence-informed programming; nonprofit board development, including board assessment, member recruiting and training; fund development consulting, and upstream investment consulting. Our nonprofit capacity building services may include:


  • Developing logic models and technical writing

  • Identify program related literature review

  • Developing evaluation plans and program manuals

  • Nonprofit board development, assessment, recruiting and training

  • Sonoma County Portfolio of Model Upstream Programs application development


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Strategic Action Planning


Strategic planning is a critical development in the lifecycle of a nonprofit organization. We have had the opportunity to assist over 200 domestic and international nonprofit and government organizations with their planning efforts over the past 25 years. Our clients have spanned a great variety of sectors, including the arts, education, social services, justice, the environment, housing, workforce development, health, economic development, and homeland security.  Our Strategic Action Planning Services may include:

  • Strategic implementation planning

  • Creation of strategic operational plans

  • Employee competency identification and documentation

  • Organizational strategic and work plan development

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Facilitation Services

Our meeting facilitation experience spans over 25 years of experience in the design and implementation of projects that involve facilitating group discussions and developing planning documents to implement new programs, recruit program participants, form public policy, evaluate government and nonprofit programs, and chart the future direction of government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Our facilitation services may include:

  • Facilitation with high-level decision-makers

  • Development of detailed minutes, meeting summaries, goals and objectives,

  • Creation of planning spreadsheets, final reports and summaries on outcomes from engagements.

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Evaluation Services

An evaluation plan shows that program objectives are well defined, measureable and achievable. An evaluation plan can include identification of research questions from a literature review which are aligned to a program logic model, implementation timeline, data collection procedures, assessment tools, data collection protocol, data collection process, analysis of the data and development of reports to stakeholders. Our evaluation services may include:

  • Evaluation of performance improvement initiatives 

  • Program effectiveness

  • Qualitative and quantitative research

  • Organizational climate assessment

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Training Services

Our training experience spans over 25 years of design and implementation Our training is extremely learner-centric, and interactive activities and group participation. We customize all training programs to reflect the language and culture of each client organization. We offer an extensive list of training topics, coaching, assessments, lectures and classes. Our training services may include:

  • Design and delivery of technical and interpersonal employee skills training programs

  • Creation of training manuals, job aids, and technology-based skills development support

  • Training for trainers

  • Development of new-hire orientation and on-the-job training programs

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Program Management

We have assisted over 250 domestic and international nonprofit and government organizations with their program efforts over the past 25 years. We are skilled in comprehensive program management and we are flexible, collaborative, work with stakeholders, document processes, and employ a direct but diplomatic approach to communication. Our program management services may include:

  • Performance improvement project management

  • Interim leadership services

  • Program design

  • Policy development management

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Technical Writing and Outreach Services

We excel in building capacity to support to support evidence-informed programs.  We can help nonprofits and government agencies develop logic models, identify program-related literature reviews, create evaluation plans, write program manuals, develop outreach strategies and related documents, and develop technical documents.

  • Create detailed planning-related documents

  • Develop detailed policies and procedures manuals for program implementation

  • Develop language for news articles, websites, press releases and social media posts to reach targeted constituents

  • Identify contact information for appropriate constituent groups

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