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Strategic Action Planning

The creation of a strategic plan and monitoring its implementation is an extremely critical development in the lifecycle of a nonprofit organization. A clear plan, developed with participation of key stakeholders, and executed with fidelity and flexibility, provides the foundation for an organization's solid growth. We have assisted over 200 domestic and international nonprofit and government organizations with their planning efforts over the past 25 years. Our clients have spanned a great variety of sectors, including the arts, education, social services, justice, the environment, housing, workforce development, health, economic development, and homeland security. Our Strategic Action Planning Services may include:

  • Providing a strategic planning methodology

  • Identification and articulation of goals, objectives and activities

  • Project management

  • Gathering information from stakeholders through interviews,  planning sessions, focus  groups, staff meetings

  • Obtaining feedback from key stakeholders on organizational performance

  • Development of multi-year strategic plans with implantation recommendations

  • Development of annual work plans

  • Organizational implementation planning

  • Creation of strategic operational plans

  • Employee competency identification and documentation

  • Organizational strategic and work plan development

  • Development of process improvement solutions

  • Evaluation of performance improvement initiatives

  • Development of new-hire orientation and on-the-job training programs

  • Performance improvement needs assessment

  • Nonprofit board development

  • Mission and vision statement development

  • Logic model development

  • Implementation coaching for staff, board and volunteers

  • Budget development

  • Financial sustainability development

Our Strategic Action Planning experience includes:

Business development and outreach for nonprofit serving blind and visually impaired

Client: Bosma Enterprises, Indianapolis, Indiana


Services: Conducted business development and constituent outreach consulting. 

Strategic planning and organizational development for Butler University

Client: Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Worked with Executive Leadership of the College of Business Administration and the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan and conducted organizational development improvement initiatives for College of Pharmacy and Health Services

Strategic planning for the California Film Institute

Client: California Film Institute / Mill Valley Film Festival, San Rafael, California

Services: Facilitated meetings with staff, board, and donors resulting in the development of a three-year strategic plan and a one-year detailed work plan. 

Cultural tourism strategic plan

Client: City of Bloomington, Bloomington, Indiana


Services: Under the direction of the Mayor of Bloomington, we helped gather public input and researched best practices for the purpose of identifying strategies to promote cultural tourism as a major economic development tool for the city of Bloomington.

Strategic plan to end homelessness in Indianapolis

Client: Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention, Indianapolis, Indiana


Services: Developed strategic plan to implement the Blueprint for Ending Homelessness.  

Strategic plan to end homelessness in Indianapolis

Client: Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention, Indianapolis, Indiana


Services: Developed strategic plan to implement the Blueprint for Ending Homelessness.  

Strategic plan to provide housing first to end homelessness in Sonoma County

Client: Committee on the Shelterless, Petaluma, California


Services: Developed strategic plan for Sonoma County's largest organization serving homeless populations to create a housing first program.

Development of mission, logic model, strategic planning, and fund development for newly established Indianapolis STEM-focused nonprofit

Client: DirectEmployers Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Created mission statement, developed guiding principles and logic model; advised on 5 year strategic plan; developed Year One annual plan; facilitated staff in the implementation of annual work plan; coached staff & board members on roles and responsibilities in strategic plan implementation; developed budget and financial sustainability plan for Year One; designed tools for stakeholder communication; website design advising; fund development and donor relations guidance; research of and writing of grant opportunities; and ongoing advising to Executive Director.

Strategic plan for downtown development organization

Client: Downtown Indy, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Developed strategic plan for downtown Indianapolis development action group that seeks to make downtown a better place to work, live, learn and play.

Strategic plan development for county Workforce Investment Board

Client: EmployIndy, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Developed a strategic plan to implement EmployIndy's mission of connecting employers and jobseekers through results-oriented training and trend based employment systems.

Organizational planning and development for state Workforce Investment Board

Client: Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Helped identify best practices in Workforce Investment Board (WIB) leadership; analyzed WIB performance; developed strategies for assisting WIBs to become more involved in regional economic development; wrote grant applications for federal funding; provided guidance to one-stop offices on strategies for improved service; planned fee-for-service activities; and developed corrective active plans for WIB's that fail to meet performance standards. We also identified ways to improve Workforce Investment Act Youth Performance results.

Welfare-to-work strategies for 10 state counties

Client: Indiana Family & Social Services Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Identified key strategies for welfare-to-work programming for ten Indiana counties.

Strategic planning for legal watchdog for businesses

Client: Indiana Legal Foundation, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Developed a strategic plan to continue ILF's mission of protecting Indiana's free enterprise system, and defending corollary constitutional rights.

Strategic planning for a state insurance institute

Client: Insurance Institute of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Created a strategic plan that supports the organization's mission to create and maintain a business, legislative, and public awareness climate in Indiana, and about the insurance industry.

Identified key strategic initiatives for state library and historical bureau

Client: Indiana State Library and Historical Bureau, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Identified key strategies for welfare-to-work programming for ten Indiana counties.

Strategic planning and public perception evaluation for family resource center

Client: La Luz Center, Sonoma, California

Services: Facilitated of a board planning retreat and follow-up planning consultation with the staff. Conducted stakeholder interviews to obtain organizational public perception. Provides fund development services.

Identifying ways to improve services for patients with kidney failure

Client: National Kidney Foundation, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Identified methods for improving services to individuals with kidney failure.

Strategic plan development for employment focused government agency


Client: Northeast Indiana Works, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Services: Created a strategic plan that maintains Northeast Indiana Works' position as the heart of the workforce development system in Northeastern Indiana.

Strategic plan development for education foundation

Client: Rincon Valley Education Foundation, Santa Rosa, California

Services: Work with board and staff to develop long-range strategic plan and one-year operational plan.

Strategy development for Romania's primary care model

Client: Romanian Ministry of Health; U.S. Agency for International Development, Bucharest, Romania

Services: Identified strategies to move Romania to a primary care model of delivering public health services.

Identifying workforce development needs for low-income neighborhood

Client: Southeast Neighborhood Development, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Identified the workforce development needs of neighborhood residents and area businesses for the purpose of increasing employment opportunities for this low-income neighborhood.

Cannabis legalization strategic planning and facilitation

Client: Sonoma County Economic Development Board, Santa Rosa, California

Services: Facilitation of Cannabis Task Force and board/staff planning meetings and documentation of outcomes and decisions.

Strategic plan development for county-wide library system

Client: Sonoma County Library, Santa Rosa, California


Services: Sole subcontractor to The Results Group to develop the Sonoma County Library's five-year strategic plan.

Repatriation training and consulting

Client: U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, D.C.

Services: Conducted refugee repatriation training and consulting, as part of the Erdut Agreement under the Dayton Peace Accords, for Croatian local elected officials in exile.

Strategic planning and organizational planning for United Way


Client: United Way of Central Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Developed several strategic plans and initiatives.

Organization-wide strategic plan for nonprofit senior center

Client: Vintage House, Sonoma, California

Services: Facilitated a board planning retreat and follow-up planning consultation with the staff. The result was a one-year action plan.

Strategic plan for balancing the budget of a school district

Client: Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, Indianapolis, Indiana

Services: Identified strategies for balancing school district budget.

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