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Technical Writing and Outreach Services

We excel in building capacity to support to support evidence-informed programs. We can help nonprofits and government agencies develop logic models, identify program-related literature reviews, create evaluation plans, and write program manuals. Our technical writing and outreach services may include:

  • Create detailed planning-related documents

  • Develop detailed policies and procedures manuals for program implementation

  • Develop language for news articles, websites, press releases and social media posts to reach targeted constituents

  • Identify contact information for appropriate constituent groups

Our Technical Writing and Outreach Services experience includes:

Conducted outreach for the Indiana Older Independent Blind Program

Client: Bosma Enterprises, Indianapolis, Indiana


Services: Developed and implemented a plan to inform older rural Indiana residents about services available to help individuals experiencing vision loss. 

Conducted outreach for parents of children receiving special education services

Client: Indiana Department of Education, Special Education Division, Indianapolis, Indiana


Services: Created press releases and social media content for advocacy groups representing parents of children with disabilities to encourage parents to complete the annual Indiana Special Education Parent Survey, in alignment with Indicator 8 of the State Performance Plan.

Conducted outreach regarding federally-funded employment for seniors

Client: Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana


Services: : Conducted planning and community awareness activities to recruit Indiana seniors into the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).

Competency documentation and strategizing

Client: Lehigh Cement Co, Mitchell, Indiana

Services: Documented competencies required for 70 positions in the company and strategies for how to achieve those competencies. 

Developed a Four-Year County Aging Plan in alignment with state requirements

Client: Sonoma County Department of Human Services Adult and Aging Services Division, Santa Rosa, California

Services: Managed a multi-department team to write The Art of Aging, Sonoma County's 2016-20 Area Aging Plan and Community Report, in compliance with California Department of Aging requirements.

Developed a policies and procedures manual

Client: Sonoma Valley Education Foundation/Sonoma Valley Unified School District, Sonoma, California


Services: Developed a policies and procedures manual for a K-3 technology-based literacy and math peer teacher coaching program to enable children to be grade-level proficient by the end of third grade.

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