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Sarah Stierch​
Research Director

Sarah Stierch has planned and facilitated meetings for nonprofit, government, and educational institutions internationally. Specifically, she has facilitated meetings and events at the Smithsonian Institution Archives, National Archives and Records Administration, Archives of American Art, Online Computer Library Center, and Library of Congress, working with staff, volunteers and stakeholders to understand and develop collection and knowledge sharing tools, which would provide the public better access to institutional collections. She has also provided facilitation and meeting planning for the University of Oregon, University of Maryland, and University of California, bringing together academics and students to gain hands on experience with new media technologies.


Stierch has facilitated and planned meetings, and engaged in capacity building for international groups of nonprofit staff and volunteers involved in knowledge sharing technologies and program evaluation, most notably the Wikimedia Foundation, Ada Initiative, and the Open Knowledge Foundation. She has facilitated meetings related to open knowledge dissemination in Berlin, Cambridge, London, Budapest, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon. She is experienced in transcribing meetings and interviews for the Wikimedia Foundation; National Museum of the American Indian (a unit of the Smithsonian Institution); Colonial Williamsburg; and the Archives of American Art (a unit of the Smithsonian Institution).


Through Bischoff Performance Improvement Consulting, Stierch provides fund development consulting and program planning assistance to a variety of nonprofit clients in Sonoma County, California, including Social Advocates for Youth, United Way of Wine Country, La Luz Center, Mentor Me, Cinnabar Theater, Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance, Santa Rosa City Schools, CASA of Sonoma County, DirectEmployers Association, and Forget Me Not Children’s Services.


Stierch earned her MA in Museum Studies (Nonprofit Administration Concentration) from George Washington University and a BA in Native American Studies from Indiana University. Stierch served as the first Susan B. Miller Fellow at the University of California’s Berkeley Center for New Media in the Spring of 2014. She is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Fort Ross Conservancy in Sonoma County, California and currently serves on the Advisory Board for Wikimedia Disrict of Columbia. Additionally, Stierch serves as the Food & Wine Editor of the Sonoma Valley Sun




  • Presenter, "Putting the L in GLAM: Wikipedia & Library Partnerships," New Mexico Library Association Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM

  • Presenter, "GLAM: What's up in the United States," GLAM-Wiki, British Library, London, EN

  • Keynote Speaker, "Can social media save Wikipedia from itself?", Social Media Week, Hamburg, DE

  • Presenter, "GLAM Women: We Can Edit", Museum Computer Network Conference, Seattle, WA


  • Presenter, "The Teahouse," Open Knowledge Festival, Helsinki, FI

  • Commencement Speaker, The George Washington University, Washington, DC

  • Panelist, "Engage or Perish," Wikimania, Washington, DC

  • Presenter, The Teahouse," Wikimania, Washington, DC

  • Keynote Speaker: "The Visual Experience: Gender and Ways of Seeing," Wikipedia Academy, Berlin, DE

  • Panelist, "Wikipedia and the Museum: Lessons from Wikipedians in Residence," American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN

  • Presenter, "Join the GLAM revolution," GLAM-Wiki, University of Chile, Santiago, CH


  • Presenter, "WikiProject Public Art," Museum Computer Network Conference, Atlanta, GA

  • Presenter, "WikiProject Public Art," Wikimania, Haifa, IL

  • Presenter, "What is happening in GLAM?", Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

  • Presenter, "Indigenous Communities & Wikimedia: Pros, Cons and Community," Indigenous Peoples and Museums Conference, Indianapolis, IN

  • Presenter, "Be GLAMorous: Join GLAM/SI," IGNITE Smithsonian, Washington, DC

  • Presenter, "Wikimedia & Copyright Concerns," The George Washington University, Washington, DC

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