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Dr. B.J. Bischoff
Owner and Founder

Dr. B.J. Bischoff is the owner of Bischoff Performance Improvement Consulting, a firm located in Sonoma, California USA. For 30 years, she has developed performance improvement strategies to impact organizational change.


Dr. Bischoff specializes in managing change management projects. She has assisted United Healthcare/Golden Rule Insurance Co. to adopt best-in-class practices for its new Learning and Development Center.  For four years, she worked with the Executive Leadership of Butler University’s College of Business Administration and the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences on organizational development improvement initiatives.


Dr. Bischoff also assists not-for-profit organizations to achieve their fund development goals through strategic planning and grant proposal development. She wrote grant proposals to improve education attainment in select Indiana counties, resulting in over $28 million in funding from The Lilly Endowment to five rural Indiana counties. She is currently providing community relations and fund development consulting for WillMar Family Grief & Healing Center and Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, both in Sonoma, CA. For three years, she provided business development services and constituent outreach consulting for Bosma Enterprises, an organization that provides employment for the blind and visually impaired. She conducts strategic planning and implementation monitoring for the United Way of Central Indiana to enable it to achieve its $41 million annual fund development goal.  She provides planning services for Vintage House Senior Center and La Luz Bilingual Center of Sonoma, California. She has facilitated planning sessions for over 50 nonprofit and government-funded organizations. She is a featured columnist for The Sonoma Sunnewspaper, writing a monthly column calledNonprofit Matters. She is the president of Impact100 Sonoma and a member of the Sonoma County Upstream Portfolio Review Committee.


Dr. Bischoff assisted the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to establish ten regional planning councils throughout Indiana. She managed a Workplace Literacy Pilot initiative on behalf of the Indiana Health Industry Forum, funded by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. She recently completed a three-year project evaluating Indiana’s post-secondary and secondary career and technical education programs. She completed an evaluation of Indiana’s public education system with the National Association of State Boards of Education and the National Governors Association.  She created and managed FaithWorks Indiana, one of the nation’s top-ranked faith-based initiatives to help low-income families become self-sufficient. She managed Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson’s public outreach process for addressing the city’s combined sewer overflow problems and Indianapolis’ public health community assessment process. She managed a statewide assessment for the Indiana Arts Commission and a study examining the State of Philanthropic Giving in Northwest Indiana.  She led projects with the Indiana Department of Transportation to improve local government services and with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to improve implementation of the Workforce Investment Act. She consults with the Indiana Department of Education's Office of Special Education regarding federal reporting. Since 1999, Dr. Bischoff has provided cross--cultural consulting services to Eli Lilly and Company in the U.S. and Japan. She also provides cross-cultural communications training for Rolls Royce Corporation.


Dr. B.J. Bischoff: International Development Experience

The following is a list of the international development projects, designed and managed by B.J. Bischoff, that were funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development:

  • Women’s Entrepreneur Business Networking, 21 women leaders from Central and Southeast Europe, Initiated by First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton; Conducted in Indianapolis, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Budapest, Hungary

  • Gender Equity in the Classroom, 24 teacher trainers from the Moroccan Ministry of Education; Conducted in Rabat, Morocco

  • Romanian Ministry of Health, Identification of strategies to move Romania to a primary care model of delivering public health services, 100 Romanian healthcare leaders; Conducted in Romania

  • Tax Policy/Legislative Process, 10 tax policy leaders from the Republika Srpska of Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Criminal Investigation for Financial Police, 13 representatives of the Financial Police of Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Federal and Cantonal Tax Administration, 13 representatives of federation and canton tax administrations, customs, and Financial Police of Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Tax Compliance, 13 representatives of federation and canton tax administrations, customs, and financial police of Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • High-level Water Sector, 5 government officials and water company directors from Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • High-level Electric Power Sector, 5  government officials and power company directors from Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Electric Power Systems Management, 10 power company directors from Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Economic and Business reporting, 20 business and economic reporters and journalists from Ukraine

  • Media Viability, 12 media professionals from Azerbaijan

  • Journalism Program, 6 journalists from Albania

  • Stock Exchange Development, Director of Listing and Membership of the Macedonian Stock Exchange

  • Tax Policy/Data Analysis, 12 government officials from Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Consumer Advocacy, Consumer advocacy leader from Macedonia

  • Service and Advocacy for Small Business Associations, 10 small business and association leaders from Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Fiscal Policy, Director of Fiscal Policy, Ministry of Finance, Lithuania

  • Tax Policy and Electronic Filing, Civil servant from the Hungarian Tax and Financial Control Office

  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Development and Women’s Initiatives, NGO leader from Macedonia

  • Economic and Community Development, Government official from Latvia

  • Advertising Media, 14 media professionals from Russia

  • Tax Policy/Legal Drafting and Legislative Process, 10 government officials from Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Association Management and Business Development, Internship for the Executive Director of the Jamaican Exporters’ Association

  • Community Development/Refugee Resettlement—Under the Erdut Agreement of the Dayton Peace Accords, 10 community leaders from eastern and Western Slavonia, Croatia

  • Media Viability in a Transition State, 12 radio, television, and print journalists from Armenia

  • Trainer Training, Internship for the Director of Training of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce

  • Training of Trainers: NGO Development, 20 Ukrainian NGO managers and trainers

  • Regional Tax Officials, 25 senior level professionals from Moscow, Irkutsk, and Chuvasia

  • Business Association Management, 6 groups of 16 Russian association managers

  • Saratov Oblast Duma Training, 15 members of the Saratov Oblast Duma, Russia

  • Media Partnership, 9 Russian media managers

  • TV and Radio Journalism, 6 media managers from the Caucasus

  • Legal Journalism, 25 Russian journalists

  • Electronic Investigative Journalism,  22 Russian journalists

  • Print Investigative Journalism, 22 Russian journalists

  • Retail and Wholesale Management On-the-Job Training, 24 Russian entrepreneurs

The following is a list of the international development projects, designed and managed by B.J. Bischoff, that were funded by The World Bank and other multilateral financial institutions:

  • Management Development and Team-Building, 100 Romanian construction managers; Conducted in Poina-Brashov, Romania

  • Training Needs Analysis and Training for Trainers, 24 lead trainers for all Romanian Ministries; Conducted in Bucharest, Romania

  • Association Management, 24 Russian association managers; Conducted in Moscow, Russia

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